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SBU Updates

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SBU Update 05/07/2022

SBU Rally 29/06/2022 Flyer

SBU Update 24/06/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 10/06/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 27/05/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 06/05/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 07/04/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 28/03/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 24/03/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update 04/03/2022

SBU Press release 31 January 2022

Day of Action Tuesday 1st February Rally Flyer

SBU update 25/01/22

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 20/01/2022

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 10/01/2022

FWC Decision on Scope Order and Bargaining Dispute 23 December 2021

Day of Action 17-12-2021

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 10/12/2021

SAPN No Industrial Action 5-8 Dec 2021

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 26/11/2021

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 19/11/2021

Work Stoppage (Strike) notified to UMPL

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 05/11/2021

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 28/10/2021

SAPN/Enerven Update EA 15/10/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 13/10/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 08/10/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 23/09/2021

SAPN EA Offer 16/9/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 06/09/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 03/09/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update 27/08/2021

Spark Half Yearly Results

SAPN/Enerven EA Update – UMPL still no position. 20/08/2021

SAPN/Enerven EA Update – EMA investigation concerns 12/08/21

SAPN call in external law firm to investigate employees 09/08/21

SAPN EA Update 30/07/2021

SBU letter to UMPL

Log of Claims Presented at EA Meeting 17th of June 2021

SAPN EA Update 22/07/2021 – Afternoon

SAPN EA Update 22/07/2021

SAPN EA Update 14/07/2021

SAPN EA Update 09/07/2021

SAPN EA Vote 02/07/2021

SAPN Rally Update 30/06/2021

SAPN EA Update 29-06-2021

VOTE NO DAY – SBU Update 24/06/21

STOP PRESS – UMPL to put offer out to a vote without providing a copy to bargaining reps

18/06/21 UMPL stick to radical agenda to EA employees cut wages

11/06/21 UMPL put proposal to SBU and employees

Update 09/06/21

Industrial Action Update 08/06/21

Update 04/06/21

Indefinite Overtime Ban Notified

Update 26/05/21

Hi-Vis Activity Planned

Update 14/05/21

Update 12/05/21

Union Rally May 6th 

Update 20/04/21

THCD and Secondments Ban 13/04/21

THCD and Secondments Ban 09/04/21

SBU Update 30/03/21

SBU Update 12/03/21

SBU Update 03/03/21

SBU Update 01/03/21

SBU Update 26/02/21

SBU Update 23/02/21.pdf

SAPN Enerven SBU Update 15/02/21.pdf

SAPN Enerven SBU Update 09/02/21.pdf

SAPN Enerven EA update 5/02/21.pdf

SBU EA update 25/01/21.pdf













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