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SBU Update 01/02/2023 –

Previous Updates

SBU Update 01/12/2022 – Know Your Backpay Amount

SBU Update 29/11/2022 – Systematic and Deliberate breaches of the Enterprise Agreement

SBU Update 08/11/2022 – UMPL EA finally approved by the FWC

SBU Update 25/10/2022 – UMPL has asked the commission to delay the agreements approval until mid-December 2022

SBU Update 20/09/2022 – Union endorsed Enterprise Agreement supported by huge majority

SBU Update 06/09/2022 – UMPL releases SBU endorsed Enterprise Agreement for access period

SBU Update 02/09/2022 – Teams Meetings Regarding the UMPL EA 05/09/2022

SBU Update 01/09/2022 – SBU Endorses YES Vote

SBU Update 30/08/2022 – NO PIA Available for CEPU Members On Thursday the 01/09/2022

SBU Update 26/08/2022 – UMPL has made a further offer to resolve negotiations

SBU Update 23/08/2022 – UMPL requests pause to Industrial Action in light of revised EA offer

SBU Update 10/08/2022 – Safety Update

SBU Update 04/08/2022 – FWC finds SAPN breached Good Faith Bargaining obligations

SBU Update 08/07/2022 – UMPL ask SAPN workers to decide on the future of Enerven workers

SBU Update 05/07/2022 – UMPL will choose who can and can’t apply for internal vacancies

SBU Rally 29/06/2022 Flyer

SBU Update 24/06/2022 –Resourcing Put Forward as a Major Issue

SBU Update 10/06/2022 – Enerven EA is just another version of a tiered EA

SBU Update 27/05/2022 – UMPL Continues Pursuit of Separate Enerven Agreement

SBU Update 06/05/2022 – UMPL Tables a Claim for 2 separate Enterprise Agreements

SBU Update 07/04/2022 – Return to Single EA Negotiations Fails Before it Starts

SBU Update 28/03/2022 – Unions win against UMPL – Again!

SBU Update 24/03/2022 – Mass Strike Action delivers a change in wage position

SBU Update 04/03/2022 – UMPL put 2 conditions on any clause the SBU could propose

SBU Press release 31/01/2022 – SA Power Workers to strike Tuesday 1 February 2022

SBU Rally 01/02/2022 Flyer

SBU Update 25/01/22 – UMPL reject fair and reasonable settlement offer from SBU

SBU Update 20/01/2022 – UMPL announced their rejection of our December 9 counter proposal

SBU Update 10/01/2022 – SBU lodged an appeal against the decision of Deputy President Anderson

SBU Update 23/12/2021 – FWC decision on separate Enerven EA handed down

SBU Update 15/12/2021 – Day of Action 17/12/2021

SBU Update 10/12/2021 – SBU Makes Hard Offer to UMPL

SBU Update 03/12/2022 – SAPN No Industrial Action 05-08/12/2021

SBU Update 26/11/2021 – Fair Work Declares Protected Action has been Notified Correctly

SBU Update 19/11/2021 – FWC Hearing to be Continued on 02/12/2021

SBU Update 09/11/2021 – Work Stoppage (Strike) notified to UMPL

SBU Update 05/11/2021 – UMPL Rejects the SBU Counter Proposal

SBU Update 28/10/2021 – SBU Continues Challenge to Separate EA’s

SBU Update 15/10/2021 – Is the separation of EA’s Legal in the Current situation?

SBU Update 13/10/2021 – UMPL released a Notice of Representational Rights to Enerven workers

SBU Update 08/10/2021 – management continues their claim to exclude Enerven workers from the current EA

SBU Update 23/09/2021 – The SBU continue to argue for a clause that clearly outlines the obligations of both the company and the workers,

UMPL EA Offer 16/09/2021

SBU Update 06/09/2021 – UMPL Announces a Retraction of Claims

SBU Update 03/09/2021 – Concerns Over New Employment Contracts

SBU Update 27/08/2021 – UMPL has contacted the SBU to organise a meeting to discuss the EA negotiations.

Spark Half Yearly Results

SBU Update 20/08/2021 – UMPL Investigations FWC Hearing to resume on Monday

SBU Update 12/08/21 – CEPU disputes SAPN’s Investigation without confidentiality

SBU Update 09/08/2021 – SAPN call in external law firm to investigate employees

SBU Update 30/07/2021 – Utilities Management confirmed that their offer has been withdrawn after being voted down

SBU letter to UMPL 30/07/2021

SBU Log of Claims Presented at EA Meeting 17/06/2021

SBU Update 22/07/2021 – UMPL representatives advised the SBU Team that they are still considering their position.

SBU Update 22/07/2021 – SA Power Networks Board Responds to SBU Concerns

SBU Update 14/07/2021 – Overtime Bans are Biting SAPN/Enerven Hard

SBU Update 09/07/2021 – This third no vote shows that the current leadership isn’t listening

SBU Update 02/07/2021 – Vote NO to the removal of contractor parity

SAPN Rally Update 30/06/2021 – postpone our public rally and move the Event online to Facebook

SBU Update 29/06/2021 – The stoppage Action Union Members are taking this Thursday the 01/07/2021, and rally at Keswick is still going ahead.

SBU Update 24/06/2021 – VOTE NO DAY

SBU Update 18/06/2021 – SAPN/Enerven are Putting Their EA Offer to a Vote 

SBU Update 18/06/2021 – UMPL stick to radical agenda to EA employees cut wages

SBU Update 11/06/2021 – UMPL put proposal to SBU and employees

SBU Update 09/06/2021 – SA Power Networks/Enerven did not modify their Log of Claims.

SBU Industrial Action Update 08/06/2021

SBU Update 04/06/2021 – How many millions (and billions) in profit do SAPN/Enerven need to make before the CEO and the owners give workers a fair pay increase?

SBU Update 01/06/2021 – Indefinite Overtime Ban Notified

SBU Update 26/05/2021 – Workers Perform Storm Clean Up While SAPN Move to Undermine the Workers Industry

SBU Update 19/05/2021 – Hi-Vis Activity Planned

SBU Update 14/05/2021 – Further CEPU Actions Notified to SAPN/Enerven

SBU Update 12/05/2021 – We’d like to thank All Workers who attended last Thursday’s Union Rally

SBU Rally 06/05/2021 Flyer

SBU Update 20/04/2021 – The last 2 meetings have been very productive since the employees have taken Protected Industrial Action

SBU Update 13/04/2021 – SAPN goes Nuclear on THCD and Secondments Ban

SBU Update 09/04/2021 – THCD and Secondments Ban

SBU Update 30/03/2021 – Protected Action Clarification

SBU Update 12/03/2021 – Protected Action Ballot

SBU Update 03/03/2021 – SBU appeared in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to apply for “Bargaining Orders” to force SA Power Networks back to the bargaining table

SBU Update 01/03/2021 – Protected Action Ballot Order Approved by the FWC

SBU Update 26/02/2021 – UMPL Opposes PAB Application

SBU Update 23/02/2021 – SBU unions lodged Protected Action Ballot applications with the Fair Work Commission.

SBU Update 15/02/2021 – UMPL confirmed that they have walked away from negotiations

SBU Update 09/02/2021 – UMPL informed the employee SBU representatives that they are “ceasing negotiations”.

SBU Update 05/02/2021 – UMPL finally agreed to return to bargaining

SBU Update 25/01/2021 – We are still waiting to hear back from UMPL

SBU Update 17/12/2020 – The Enterprise Agreement offered by SAPN/Enerven has been rejected at a ballot by a majority of employees – for a second time.

SBU Update 01/12/2020 – UMPL intend to put their enterprise agreement offer to a vote of employees – again

SBU Industrial Action Explainer 23/11/2020

SBU Update 17/11/2020 – UMPL ignores the voice of workers

SBU Update 16/10/2020 – Proposed Enterprise Agreement was voted down by a significant majority of workers. 

SBU Log of Claims 2020 – Final

SBU Update 17/09/2020 – UMPL did not have a Log of Claims to give the SBU

SBU Update 18/08/2020 – Workers Deliver Every Day

SBU Update 18/08/2020 – UMPL have ignored the feedback of the employees

SBU Update 07/08/2020 – UMPL need more time to consider the SBU’s feedback

SBU Update 05/08/2020 – SBU met with the UMPL bargaining team to discuss the proposed enterprise agreement

SBU Update 31/07/2020 – Where’s the 500 Million

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